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Precision electronic balance

Precision electronic balance

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Precision electronic balances are widely used in measurement, analysis and teaching in scientific research, education, medical treatment, metallurgy, agriculture and other industries. It is a high-precision weighing electronic balance produced by the introduction of foreign advanced technology. The key components are all imported products. The weighing speed is fast, the accuracy is high, the stability is good, the quality is cheap, the operation is simple and easy to use, and the maintenance is convenient. It can be connected to external devices such as computers and printers to improve work efficiency.

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Bottom-mounted electromagnetic force sensor, ultra-thin appearance, no windshield, convenient operation, and small space occupation. Adopt internationally recognized high sensitivity and high stability electromagnetic force sensor technology to obtain higher resolution.
Fluorescent display and LCD liquid crystal display are optional. The display is clear.
A variety of measurement units and counting methods, unit conversion and data output: grams, carats, ounces, counting, percentage weighing, etc., suitable for different measurements.
Equipped with RS232 output interface, can be equipped with computers, printers, etc., to fully meet the needs of laboratory quality analysis.

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