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Dissolution Tester

Dissolution Tester

  • RC-1 Dissolution Tester

    RC-1 Dissolution Tester


    Model:RC-1 Dissolution Tester

    Application:RC series of instruments are used for detecting velocity and extent of pharmic dissolution from tablet, capsule etc in prescriptive menstruum.

  • Pharmaceutical tablet Dissolution tester

    Pharmaceutical tablet Dissolution tester



    It is used to examine the dissolving speed and degree of solid preparations like drug tablets or capsules in the specified solvents.

  • Drug tablet Dissolution tester

    Drug tablet Dissolution tester



    Used to detect the dissolution rate and solubility of solid preparations such as pharmaceutical tablets or capsules in designated solvents. RC-6 dissolution tester is a classic drug dissolution tester developed and produced by our company; adopts classic design, cost-effective, stable and reliable, simple to operate, and durable.