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Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer

  • Small Spray Dryer

    Small Spray Dryer



    Application:Spray dryers are widely used in a wide range of industries, such as: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fine ceramics, materials, dairy products, health products, environmental protection, biology, lubricants, additive industries, etc.

  • Industrial Spray Dryer

    Industrial Spray Dryer


    Model:SP-5000 Industrial Spray Dryer

    Application:SP series spray dryers have been improved many times and are mainly suitable for drying equipment for liquid materials with lower hot temperature and higher viscosity. The working principle is: the cold air passes through the filter, then enters the heater, is heated to a certain temperature, and then enters the spray tower on the top of the air distributor, and the hot air is evenly spirally run to the bottom. The material is pumped to the top of the tower by the centrifugal atomizer, the material is torn into small droplets, the droplets are in contact with the hot air and airflow, and at the same time, the heat exchange is sufficient, and the water content in the liquid is rapidly vaporized, evaporated, and dried in a very short time. The finished product is finished within the time, and it is completed by the cyclone separator after emptying, and the waste steam is discharged by the induced draft fan.

  • Mini vacuum small spray dryer

    Mini vacuum small spray dryer



    The SP-1500 laboratory-scale spray dryer incorporates many new designs, such as a freely movable small profile, combined with air compressor and electric heater, glass spray and cyclone separator in the cabinet for inspection. All data and functions are controlled by PLC in English.

  • Low temperature vacuum freeze dryer

    Low temperature vacuum freeze dryer



    The NBP-2000 laboratory low-temperature NBPray dryer is specially designed by Nanbei for heat-sensitive materials. The rapid drying of heat-sensitive materials has always troubled researchers. Generally, vacuum drying and spray drying have great damage to the biological activity or structure of the material. Freeze drying is time-consuming and inefficient, and the dried material is bulky and requires secondary grinding. On the basis of long-term contact with scientific researchers, Nanbei company realized that low-temperature spray dryers can effectively help scientific researchers solve the difficulties of drying heat-sensitive materials, and specially developed the NBP-2000 laboratory low-temperature dryer.