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Large rotary vacuum evaporator

Large rotary vacuum evaporator

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This NBR-1010 large rotary vacuum evaporator use step-less speed to make the glass rotating bottle constant rotation, the material in the bottle wall to form a large area of uniform film, and then through the intelligent constant temperature water bath heat the rotating bottle uniformly, high-speed evaporation under vacuum case, after the efficient glass condenser cooling, the solvent vapor will recycle in the collection bottle.

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• The main bracket is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy with reasonable structure and materials.
• All glass components are borosilicate glass (GG-17), high temperature, anti-corrosion.
• Sealing system adopts imported fluorine rubber and Teflon two-way combination seal, long corrosion-resistant life, to maintain a high degree of vacuum.
• Vacuum gauges show real-time vacuum, oil-based table with anti-vibration characteristics.
• Upright three-layer serpentine coil condenser, main cooler + double cooler, ensuring high recovery.
• Continuous feeding for customer's convenience, valve type feeding valve socket PTFE tube.
• Collecting bottles are equipped with dropping materials to facilitate the collection and discharge of evaporated extracts.
• All valves use the latest integrated hand wheel valve, sealing is good, the operation is more simple and convenient
• Brushless DC motor, stable rotation, no spark, slow down by force.
• The pot is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and durable. The outer layer of the pot is covered with a silicone layer, which makes it safer to use at high temperature.
• Over-temperature protection function, when the actual temperature exceeds the set temperature of 5 ℃, the machine will automatically power-off heating.
• Anti-dry function, the heating pot lower than the heating pipe, the machine will automatically power off.

Product parameter

Power supply 220V/50HZ  (various power supply and plug can be customized)
Rotating motor power 60W
Lifting motor power 40W
Heating power 4.5KW
Vacuum degree 0.098Mpa
Rotating flask capacity 10000ml  Φ280mm/Φ95mm flange mouth
Collecting flask capacity 5000ml  Φ230mm/Φ50mm flange mouth
Rotating speed 0-120rpm/min
Temperature controlling range 0-400℃
Temperature controlling accuracy ±1℃
Glass temperature range -80-250℃
Lifting stroke 0-180(mm)
Condenser size MainΦ130×640H(mm)  DeputyΦ130×410H(mm)
Feed valve Φ35 flange mouth
Release valve Φ35 flange mouth*2pcs
Discharge valve style="font-family: Calibri;">10mmglass and lean discharge port
Bath size/volume Φ350×220H(mm) about21L
Dimension 1100*400*1900(mm)
Packing size 1070L×520W×1210H(mm) about0.67m3
Gross weight 95KG

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