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Brix Refractometer

Brix Refractometer

  • Freezing Point meter

    Freezing Point meter


    Model:Freezing Point meter

    Application:Freezing Point Tester for measuring the concentration of battery fluids and Antifreeze designed.

  • Handheld Brix Sugar Refractometer

    Handheld Brix Sugar Refractometer


    Model:Handheld Brix Sugar Refractometer

    Application:Liquor densitometer rice alcohol number detector fruit wine tester

  • Digital Sugar Brix Tester

    Digital Sugar Brix Tester


    Model:AMSZ Digital Sugar Brix Tester

    Application:The digital sugar meter is a digital high-precision optical instrument designed with the refraction principle. 

  • Digital Display brix refractometer

    Digital Display brix refractometer



    Digital Display Refractometer is a high-precision optical instrument with digital display designed by the principle of refraction. It is compact and beautiful, easy to use, and has a large LCD screen with digital display. As long as a drop of sample solution is placed on the prism, the measured value will be displayed within 3 seconds, which can avoid human subjective error interpretation of the value. To measure the sugar content in water samples, food, fruits, and crops, it is widely used in the food industry, beverage industry, agriculture, agro-food processing industry, etc.

    Note: This instrument is produced in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001-2008 quality management system, and has been strictly tested and calibrated before leaving the factory to meet the requirements of the specifications.