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  • Vacuum Cryogenic Concentrator

    Vacuum Cryogenic Concentrator


    Model:ZLS-3Vacuum Cryogenic Concentrator

    Application:Chemical analysis, biological analysis, immunoscreening, food safety, residue analysis, etc.


  • Low Temperature Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator

    Low Temperature Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator


    Model:ZLS-1Low Temperature Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator

    Application:Suitable for concentration of immunoglobulins, concentration of drug metabolites, SPE solid phase extraction, Liquid phase chromatic spectrum before and after processing, ADMET/toxicology, polymer chemistry, DNA/RNA purification and concentration, forensic/drug abuse testing

  • Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator

    Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator


    Model:ZLS-2 Chemical Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator

    Application:The processed sample can be conveniently used for various qualitative analyses – chemical, biochemical, biological analysis, immunoscreening, food safety, residue analysis etc.

  • Low speed refrigerated Centrifuge

    Low speed refrigerated Centrifuge



    TDL5E adopts brushless frequency conversion motor; Adopt fluorine-free imported compressor unit, no environmental pollution, precise temperature control. All adopt microcomputer processor for precise control, digital display of speed, temperature, time and other parameters, button programming, switch display of operating parameters and RCF value. It can store and call 10 groups of programs, and provide 10 kinds of promotion rate. Fully automatic door lock, overspeed, overtemperature, unbalanced automatic protection, the machine body is made of high-quality steel structure, and the company’s unique spring taper sleeve is used to connect the rotor and the main shaft. The rotor is fast and simple to install and unload, without directionality, safe and reliable, and feels comfortable in use more convenient. Equipped with a variety of rotors, and a variety of adapters can be designed according to the test requirements, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes. The third-stage vibration reduction achieves the best centrifugal effect.

  • Low Speed PRP Centrifuge

    Low Speed PRP Centrifuge



    ND5A multifunctional fat and PRP stem cell purification centrifuge can be professionally used for fat purification and PRP purification; use 10ml, 20m, 50ml conventional syringes, 8ml prp tubes, 30ml Tricell tubes, etc., to quickly separate and purify fat and PRP. In order to improve the survival rate of fat, a large number of studies have been carried out in the aspects of centrifugal speed, time, centrifugal force, diameter, etc., and a multifunctional purification centrifuge for professional fat transplantation and PRP transplantation has been developed. Shengshu improves operation efficiency, shortens operation time, maximizes the survival rate of fat and PRP during operation, makes transplantation simple and convenient, and is the best assistant of choice for plastic surgeons.

  • Digital Desktop laboratory centrifuge

    Digital Desktop laboratory centrifuge



    1.Widely used in laboratory, hospital and blood bank.
    2. Brushless motor for model ND4C, free maintenance, no powder pollution, quick in speed up and down.
    3. Range of speed from 0 to 4000rpm, smooth in operation, low noise and small vibration.
    4. Micro computer control system, digital display the RCF、time and speed. There are 10 kinds of program and 10 kinds of acceleration and deceleration for your choice.
    5. Electric cover lock, compact design, super speed and imbalance protection.
    6. With over speed and imbalance protection, it’s safe and reliable

  • Cytospin Cytology Centrifuge

    Cytospin Cytology Centrifuge



    It is widely used in immunohematology laboratories, laboratories, and research laboratories to perform red blood cell serology experiments, identification of antigens and antibodies, and judgment of Kuming experiment results. It is the blood bank, laboratory, and blood station of various hospitals. Medical colleges and medical research institutions are used for gynecological slices, TCT, and body fluids. Suitable for all body fluid cells (ascites, sputum, pericardial fluid, urine, joint cavity fluid, cerebral effusion, puncture fluid, bronchial fluid, etc.).