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Tension Meter

Tension Meter

  • Pressuremeter Tension Tester

    Pressuremeter Tension Tester

    Model:HD Pressuremeter Tension Tester
    Application:It is mainly used to detect and correct the torque of various electric pneumatic screwdrivers and torque wrenches.

  • High Tensile Tensiometer

    High Tensile Tensiometer

    Model:AZGH High Tensile Tensiometer
    Application:It is suitable for high-speed rail industry, power industry, communications industry, transportation industry, construction industry, playground, etc.

  • Handheld Digital Tension Meter

    Handheld Digital Tension Meter



    Main purpose and scope of application NZSH handheld digital tensiometer is a portable electronic digital measuring instrument. It can measure the tensile force of wire ends and linear materials, and is widely used in industries such as wire and cable, tensile chemical fiber, metal wire, and carbon fiber. It can accurately measure tension and process data..

  • Elevator Rope Tension Meter

    Elevator Rope Tension Meter



    Elevator wire rope tension testing machine is mainly used for elevator wire rope tension testing. Check and adjust each wire rope of the elevator during the installation process, and check before acceptance and during the annual inspection to ensure that its tension is as consistent as possible, thereby prolonging the service life of the traction sheave. The tensile testing machine can also be used for tensile testing of suspension bridges, tower wiring, overhead steel wires, index steel wire ropes, etc..

  • cable tension meter

    cable tension meter



    ASZ Rope Tension Testing Instrument can be applied to various occasions, such as power industry, telecommunications industry, transportation industry, glass curtain wall decoration, ropeway industry, construction industry, pleasure grounds, tunnel construction, fishing, major research institutions and teaching institutions, testing institutions and other occasions involved with the tension of ropes and steel wire ropes.