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Dispersion Machine

Dispersion Machine

  • high-speed Disperser

    high-speed Disperser


    Model:NB-160 Homogenizers

    Application:Homogenizer is widely used in fields of Biotechnology, Human and veterinary medicine/ clinical medicine, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetics industry, Food industry, Petrochemistry, Paint and lacquer industry etc.

  • small laboratory Dispersion machine

    small laboratory Dispersion machine



    Widely used in paints, coatings, non-mining industry, magnetic recording materials and other industrial sector laboratories

  • Paint disperser machine

    Paint disperser machine



    High speed disperser is mainly used for Paint,Coating,Printing-ink,Resin,Food,Pigment, Glue, Adhesive, Dye, Cosmetic, etc.
    hydraulic lifting
    2.Material:stainless steel
    3.Whole cooper wire Explosion-proof motors
    4.Frequency speed adjustable
    5.The voltage and plug can be changed to same as your local voltage, this is for free.
    Voltage:110V/60HZ 220V/60HZ 220V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
    Plug:EU,UK,America,Italy,Switzerland,South Africa.
    It’s better you can tell us your local voltage and send plug pictures.
    6.If you can not decision to choose suitable model, please feel free contact Angelina.
    She will reference suitable model to you according to your material and capacity.

  • frequency Dispersion machine

    frequency Dispersion machine



    This machine does not need special installation. It can work when laid flat on the ground. It must be placed smoothly to avoid vibration at high speed. It can be lifted into a hand-operated type. When it is necessary to lift, turn the right handwheel to raise the timing. Counterclockwise is falling. Before the speed adjustment, the motor bracket handle must be locked. Before lifting, loosen the locking handle, turn on the 380V/220V, turn on the switch, and prohibit the high-speed operation without material during the speed regulation. Pay special attention when adding the material: It is necessary to slowly adjust from low speed to high speed to reach the appropriate speed, so as not to cause the material to fly and affect the dispersion effect.