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frequency Dispersion machine

frequency Dispersion machine

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This machine does not need special installation. It can work when laid flat on the ground. It must be placed smoothly to avoid vibration at high speed. It can be lifted into a hand-operated type. When it is necessary to lift, turn the right handwheel to raise the timing. Counterclockwise is falling. Before the speed adjustment, the motor bracket handle must be locked. Before lifting, loosen the locking handle, turn on the 380V/220V, turn on the switch, and prohibit the high-speed operation without material during the speed regulation. Pay special attention when adding the material: It is necessary to slowly adjust from low speed to high speed to reach the appropriate speed, so as not to cause the material to fly and affect the dispersion effect.

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The frequency disperser is a new type of product designed according to the actual needs of production. It is mainly used in the pre-production experiments of various liquid pastes such as paints, paints, pigments, plastics and foods. Providing the right data for large-scale production, it can also be used for small batch production, which can disperse 5-100L.
This machine is used in test formulation, color matching, scientific research and micro production. Specially designed for laboratory use. Simple mechanical structure, stable operation, flexible use, variable frequency shifting, mainly used for low-speed mixing and stirring of various viscosity liquids and solid powders, high-speed dispersion and dissolution of experimental machinery, materials rotating through special blades in various speeds The shear is generated to rapidly disperse the aggregate, thereby achieving dissolution, emulsification, homogenization, high quality, high efficiency, and wide application fields.

Product principle

Through the high-speed operation of the dispersing disc, the material is in an annular flow, and a strong vortex is generated, which spirals down to the bottom of the vortex. Strong shear impact and friction between the particles, achieving rapid dispersion, dissolution, uniform mixing, and emulsification.

Technical data

·Model: NLF-1.5 / NLF-2.2
·Motor power: 1.5KW/2.2KW
·Rated voltage: 380V/220V
·Processing capacity: 5L-100L
·Dispersion disc diameter: φ100, φ120, φ150mm
· Lifting stroke: 500mm
·Speed: 0-1500rpm/0-3000rpm
·Contact material: 304 stainless steel
·Dimensions: 720x600x1320mm


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