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Plant Analyzer

Plant Analyzer

  • Plant Nutrient Tester

    Plant Nutrient Tester


    Model:LYS-4N Plant Nutrient Tester

    Application:Measuring Plant Nutrients

  • Plant Nutrient Meter

    Plant Nutrient Meter


    Model:NYS-4N Plant Nutrient Meter

    Application:Measuring Plant Nutrients

  • Plant Photosynthesis Tester

    Plant Photosynthesis Tester


    Model:NB-3051C Plant Photosynthesis Tester

    Application:The NB-3051C Plant Photosynthesis Tester can measure the gas CO2 concentration, air temperature and humidity, plant leaf temperature, light intensity, gas flow and other factors, and calculate the plant photosynthesis (respiration) rate, transpiration rate, intercellular CO2 concentration and stomatal conductance.

  • Plant Photosynthesis Meter

    Plant Photosynthesis Meter


    Model:NY-1020 Plant Photosynthesis Meter

    Application:Agriculture, measuring photosynthesis in plants

  • Portable Plant Chlorophyll Tester

    Portable Plant Chlorophyll Tester


    Model:LYS-A Portable Plant Chlorophyll Tester

    Application: Test the chlorophyll content in a plant’s leaves indicates the condition of the plant itself.

  • Digital Chlorophyll Meter

    Digital Chlorophyll Meter


    Model:NBAD-502 Digital Chlorophyll Meter

    Application:The chlorophyll meter can instantly measure the relative chlorophyll content or “greenness” of a plant.

  • Handhold Chlorophyll Meter

    Handhold Chlorophyll Meter


    Model:NYS-B Chlorophyll Meter

    Application:Chlorophyll Meter is able to measure chlorophyll content of plants and leaf temperature.

  • Handheld Chlorophyll Analyzer

    Handheld Chlorophyll Analyzer

    product Characteristics Handheld Chlorophyll Analyzer The Handheld Chlorophyll Analyzer simultaneously saves four parameters (chlorophyll, nitrogen content, leaf temperature and leaf moisture). Plant chlorophyll, nitrogen content, leaf temperature and leaf moisture are important nutrients. They are an important basis for plant fertilization and irrigation. Using near-infrared spectroscopy, leaf chlorophyll, nitrogen, leaf temperature and leaf moisture were detected by near-infrared spect...
  • Portable Leaf Area Meter

    Portable Leaf Area Meter


    Model:YMJ-B Portable Leaf Area Meter

    Application: Leaf area, average area, length, width, perimeter and ratio of length and width.