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Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural Equipment

  • Soil moisture meter

    Soil moisture meter

    Soil moisture meter, soil moisture has two methods of expressing: gravimetric moisture content and volumetric moisture content (volumetric moisture content). The gravimetric water content was measured by the soil sampling and drying method, and the water content measured by the soil moisture sensor was the volumetric water content. That is, a soil moisture sensor is an instrument that measures the proportion of moisture in a unit soil volume.   Soil moisture meter Features: 1. Large-scre...
  • Portable Pesticide residue tester

    Portable Pesticide residue tester



    This Handheld Pesticide Residue Test is portable, compact size and convenient to carry, adopts enzyme value method and shows the result of value. The pesticide residue is out of limits if 50% is positive, the higher of the value, the greater of the amount of residue.

  • Desktop Pesticide residue tester

    Desktop Pesticide residue tester



    Test Theory:

    Organophosphate and carbamate pesticide is currently the largest use of pesticides,and more is on the prohibition of the use in fruit,vegetable.This class of pesticides with acetylcholinesterase(Ache)binding in vivo,and are not easily seperated,namely ache activity is inhibited,resulting in the hydrolysis of acetylcholine can’t accumulate in nerve conduction,nerve hyperexcitablity symptoms of poisoning and even death.Based on this toxic principle produces enzyme inhibition rate method, the detection principle can be simply expressed as follows: using a sensitive enzyme extract source prepared butyrylcholinesterase as a detection reagent, according to the degree of change in the activity of butyrylcholinesterase fruits and Vegetables samples to determine pesticide residues.

  • digital grain moisture meter

    digital grain moisture meter



    Grain moisture meter is also called moisture meter, grain moisture meter, grain moisture meter, computer moisture meter, and fast moisture meter.

  • Table Top Aflatoxin Tester

    Table Top Aflatoxin Tester



    EAB1 Aflatoxin test equipment EAB1 computer-based aflatoxin ELISA detector, using microcomputer technology, easy to operate, with T, A, C measurement data display and printing functions, also has dynamic part determination and linear concentration regression calculation, for the analysis operator Great convenience.

    EAB1 aflatoxin test equipment is an essential instrument for current aflatoxin,ELISA analysis. Adopts ELISA work principle,cooperate with corresponding reagent kit to limited and quantitatively determine mycotoxin concentration in sample.

    The aflatoxin testing equipment is widely used in the fields of immunopathology, detection of microbial antigens and antibodies, diagnosis of parasitic diseases, diagnosis of blood diseases, plant diseases and insect pests and the detection of toxins in foodstuffs, foodstuffs, fats, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, beverages.