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Vortex Mixer

Vortex Mixer

  • Digital timing shaker

    Digital timing shaker


    Model:HY Series


  • Long version vortex mixer

    Long version vortex mixer



    A new type of hybrid device suitable for molecular biology, virology, microbiology, pathology, immunology and other laboratories of scientific research institutions, medical schools, disease control centers, and medical and health institutions. The blood sampling mixer is a blood mixing device that mixes a single tube at a time, and sets the best shaking and mixing mode for each type of blood collection tube to avoid the influence of human factors on the mixing result.

  • Adjustable speed vortex mixer

    Adjustable speed vortex mixer



    •   Touch operation or continuous mode
    •   Variable speed control from 0 to 3000rpm
    •   Used for various mixing applications with optional adapters
    •   Specially designed vacuum suction feet for body stablility
    •   Robust aluminum-cast construction