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Moisture analyzer

Moisture analyzer

  • Halogen Lamp Moisture Test Meter

    Halogen Lamp Moisture Test Meter

    Model:720A Halogen Lamp Moisture Test Meter

    Application:Widely used in the scope of tabacco, papermaking, food, tea, beverage, grain, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, texture raw materials etc., testing the free moisture content of samples.

  • Quick Moisture Meter

    Quick Moisture Meter


    Model:LSC-60A Quick Moisture Meter

    Application:Moisture analyzers are widely used in the testing of free moisture in products in various fields such as tobacco, papermaking, food, tea, beverages, grains, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, and textile raw materials.

  • Halogen Lamp Moisture Meter

    Halogen Lamp Moisture Meter


    Model:NB-610A Halogen Lamp Moisture Meter

    Application:Suitable for research institutes, universities, laboratories, measurement institutes, enterprises and institutions are widely used in various industries such as clay,plastics, food, feed, powder, tobacco, paper, food (dehydrated vegetables, meat, noodles, flour, biscuits, pies , Aquatic processing), tea, beverages, cereals, chemical raw materials, pharmaceuticals, textile raw materials, etc., to test the free water contained in the test.

  • Soil moisture meter

    Soil moisture meter



    Application:Measure the water content in the soil with a soil moisture sensor

  • Chemical Vacuum drying oven

    Chemical Vacuum drying oven



    Vacuum oven is designed specially for drying of material which is thermo-sensitive or decompounded and oxidative easily, it can be filled with inert gases, which is especially for a rapid drying of some compound material, widely applied in pharmaceuticals, electronics industry and chemical industry.