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Aflatoxin Tester

Aflatoxin Tester

  • Table Top Aflatoxin Tester

    Table Top Aflatoxin Tester



    Application:EAB1 Aflatoxin test equipment EAB1 computer-based aflatoxin ELISA detector, using microcomputer technology, easy to operate, with T, A, C measurement data display and printing functions, also has dynamic part determination and linear concentration regression calculation, for the analysis operator Great convenience.

    EAB1 aflatoxin test equipment is an essential instrument for current aflatoxin,ELISA analysis. Adopts ELISA work principle,cooperate with corresponding reagent kit to limited and quantitatively determine mycotoxin concentration in sample.

    The aflatoxin testing equipment is widely used in the fields of immunopathology, detection of microbial antigens and antibodies, diagnosis of parasitic diseases, diagnosis of blood diseases, plant diseases and insect pests and the detection of toxins in foodstuffs, foodstuffs, fats, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, beverages.