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Autoclave Sterilizer

Autoclave Sterilizer

  • Ulteaviolet Lamp Trolley Sterilizer

    Ulteaviolet Lamp Trolley Sterilizer


    Model:NB-SJ Series Ulteaviolet Lamp Trolley Sterilizer

    Application:suitable for use in the medical, scientific research, pharmaceutical and food making sectors as well as families and factories, mines, institutions, etc. for air sterilization.

  • Glassware Air Dryer

    Glassware Air Dryer


    Model:12 holes

    The glassware dryer is a suitable equipment for drying glassware in various laboratories and laboratories using glassware. It has the advantages of fast speed, energy saving, no water stains, convenient use and simple maintenance.

  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Autoclave

    Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Autoclave



    The ethylene oxide sterilizer is a special equipment for low-temperature fumigation and sterilization of items in the sterilization room using a mixture of ethylene oxide and ethylene oxide at a certain temperature, pressure, humidity and time of action. Ethylene oxide gas is a very active chemical disinfectant, which not only achieves spectral sterilization, but also achieves reliable sterilization effect.

  • Portable press steam sterilizer

    Portable press steam sterilizer



    High temperature and high pressure sterilization can not only kill general bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, but also kill spores and spores. It is the most reliable and widely used physical sterilization method. It is mainly used for the sterilization of high temperature resistant items, such as culture medium, metal equipment, glass, enamel, dressing, rubber and some drugs.



  • Large Diameter Infrared Heat Sterilizer

    Large Diameter Infrared Heat Sterilizer



    HY-800D Large diameter Infrared heat sterilizer, which is convenient to use, simple to operate, no fire, and good wind resistance.

    Safe. It can be widely used in biological safety cabinets, clean benches, exhaust fans, and mobile vehicle environments.

  • Portable Stainless Steel Steam Sterilizer

    Portable Stainless Steel Steam Sterilizer



    This steam sterilizer is portable, small in size, easy to operate, and has a good sterilization effect. It is the best choice for hospital school dentistry hospital.

    It is ideal equipment for clinics, scientific research institutes and other organizations to sterilizer surgical instruments, fabrics, glasses, culture media etc.

  • Small Diameter Infrared Heat Sterilizer

    Small Diameter Infrared Heat Sterilizer



    HY-800 small diameter sterilizer is using infrared heat sterilization, it is easy to use, simple operation, no fire, good resistance of wind, Safe. It can be widely used in the biological safety cabinet, purification table, the exhaust fan, flow car environment.


  • Vertical automatic steam sterilizer

    Vertical automatic steam sterilizer



    The vertical sterilizer is a safe, reliable and automatically controlled sterilization equipment, which is composed of a heating system, a microcomputer control system and an overheat and overpressure protection system. The container has the advantages of reliable sterilization and sterilization effect, convenient operation, safe use, power saving and durability, and low price and good quality. It is more suitable for scientific research units and medical institutions.


  • 20L table top sterilizer

    20L table top sterilizer



    The Table top steam sterilizer can be used for medical and surgical items in ophthalmology, dentistry and internal medicine clinics, such as packaged items, hollow and porous items, and can also be used in emergency rooms and small laboratories.


  • Vertical Digital Autoclave Sterilizer

    Vertical Digital Autoclave Sterilizer



    The vertical pressure steam sterilizer is equipped with heating system, microcomputer control system, overheating and overpressure protection system, and the sterilization effect is reliable.


  • 24L Table top automatic steam sterilizer

    24L Table top automatic steam sterilizer



    1.Sterilizing course: Automatic sterilization controlled by computer, easy to operate.

    2.Maximum temperature: up to 134 ℃, suit for 4-6 minutes rapidly sterilizing.

    3.Safe protection of water lacking.

    4.With over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device:

    5.After sterilization it will automatically cut the power and then alarm.

    6.Fully stainless steel structure.


  • Vertical press Autoclave Sterilizer

    Vertical press Autoclave Sterilizer



    The vertical pressure steam sterilizers are assembled with heating system, microcomputer controlled system, over heat and over pressure protection system, which are reliable for the sterilizing effect.


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