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Vertical automatic steam sterilizer

Vertical automatic steam sterilizer

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The vertical sterilizer is a safe, reliable and automatically controlled sterilization equipment, which is composed of a heating system, a microcomputer control system and an overheat and overpressure protection system. The container has the advantages of reliable sterilization and sterilization effect, convenient operation, safe use, power saving and durability, and low price and good quality. It is more suitable for scientific research units and medical institutions.


Product Detail

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Performance and characteristics

• High quality all stainless steel material
• Handwheel translational quick opening structure
• Safety interlock
• Computer-controlled automatic cycle arbitrarily set sterilization program
• With drying system
• LCD display working status, touch keys
• Automatic protection function for over temperature and over pressure
• The internal circulation system of soda does not emit steam, and the environment is clean and dry
• Self-expanding seal
• Water cut protection control
• Buzzer reminds automatic shutdown at the end of sterilization
• Equipped with double-layer stainless steel mesh basket

Technical data

Type LS-35HG LS-50HG LS-75HG LS-100HG
Technical Parameters
Effective volume of sterilization room 35L








Rated work stress 0.22Mpa
Rated working temperature 134℃
Max Working pressure 0.23Mpa
Thermal uniformity ≤±1
Timing selection range 0-99min/0-99hour59min
Temperature selection range 0-134
Power / supply voltage 2.5KW/AC220V 50HZ 3KW/AC220V 50HZ 4.5KW/AC220V 50HZ
Dimensions (mm 600×410×1030 650×410×1140 690×470×1140 730×510×1270
Shipping volume(mm 730×500×1170 730×500×1290 760×550×1290 820×600×1380
Gross weight / net weight 96Kg/77Kg 102Kg/83Kg 120Kg/98Kg 135Kg/110Kg

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