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Abbe Refractometer

Abbe Refractometer

  • Table Abbe refractometer

    Table Abbe refractometer



    Abbe refractometer WYA-2WAJ

    Use: Measure the refractive index ND and average dispersion NF-NC of transparent and translucent liquids or solids. The instrument can also be equipped with a thermostat, which can measure the refractive index ND at a temperature of 0℃-70℃, and measure the percentage of sugar concentration in the sugar solution.

  • Digital Abbe refractometer

    Digital Abbe refractometer



    The main purpose: Determine the refractive index nD average dispersion (nF-nC) of liquids or solids and the mass fraction of dry solids in aqueous sugar solutions, that is, Brix. It can be used in sugar, pharmaceuticals, beverages, petroleum, food, chemical industry production, scientific research and teaching departments Detection and analysis. It adopts visual aiming, digital display reading, and temperature correction can be carried out when measuring the hammer. NB-2S digital Abbe refractometer has a standard printing interface, which can print data directly.