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Uv Vis Spectrophotometer

Uv Vis Spectrophotometer

  • Ultra-micro UV Vis spectrophotometer

    Ultra-micro UV Vis spectrophotometer


    Model:K5500Plus Ultra-micro UV Vis spectrophotometer

    Application:Research Laboratory/Hospital/Biological Laboratory/Chemical Laboratory/Environmental detection

  • Portable uv vis spectrophotometer

    Portable uv vis spectrophotometer



    1.Good stability: adopt integrated structure design (8mm heat-treated aluminum alloy base) to ensure long-term reliability and stability of the instrument; 2. High precision: The micrometer-level precision lead screw is used to drive the grating to ensure the accuracy of the wavelength <± 0.5nm; the accuracy of the transmittance is ± 0.3%, and the accuracy level reaches: Class II 3.Easy to use: 5.7-inch large-screen LCD display, clear map and curve, easy and convenient operation. Quantitative, qualitative, kinetic, DNA / RNA, multi-wavelength analysis and other special testing procedures; 4. Long service life: original imported deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp, ensure the light source life is up to 2 years, the receiver life is up to 20 years; 5. A variety of accessories are optional: automatic sampler, micro-cell holder, 5 ° specular reflection and other accessories are available to meet special application requirements;

  • Digital uv vis spectrophotometer

    Digital uv vis spectrophotometer



    1. Easy to use The 4.3-inch color touch screen technology and keyboard parallel dual input methods make the operation easier. Navigational menu design makes testing easier and easier to use. Built-in photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, qualitative measurement, time measurement, DNA protein measurement, multi-wavelength measurement, GLP special program; U disk data export, USB connected to computer 2. A variety of accessories are available 5-10cm optical path cuvette holder, automatic sample holder, peristaltic pump autosampler, water area constant temperature sample holder, Peltier constant temperature sample holder and other accessories.