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Digital uv vis spectrophotometer

Digital uv vis spectrophotometer

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1. Easy to use The 4.3-inch color touch screen technology and keyboard parallel dual input methods make the operation easier. Navigational menu design makes testing easier and easier to use. Built-in photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, qualitative measurement, time measurement, DNA protein measurement, multi-wavelength measurement, GLP special program; U disk data export, USB connected to computer 2. A variety of accessories are available 5-10cm optical path cuvette holder, automatic sample holder, peristaltic pump autosampler, water area constant temperature sample holder, Peltier constant temperature sample holder and other accessories.

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Product Features

1. Photometric measurement: within the range of 190-1100nm, select the single-point test wavelength and test method you need to determine the absorbance or transmittance of the sample. You can also directly read the concentration of the sample by entering the standard concentration or concentration factor.
2. Quantitative measurement: Measure the sample solution of unknown concentration through the curve of known parameter factors or automatically establish the standard solution curve; with first-order, first-order zero-crossing, second-order, and third-order curve fitting, and single wavelength correction, double Wavelength isoabsorption correction, three-point method optional; standard curve can be stored and recalled;
3. Qualitative measurement: Set a wavelength range, scan interval, and then measure the absorbance, transmittance, reflectance and energy of solid or liquid samples at intervals. It can also zoom, smooth, filter, detect, save, print, etc. of the measured spectrum;
4. Time measurement: Time measurement is also called kinetic measurement. The sample is scanned at intervals of the time range of absorbance or transmittance at the set wavelength point. The absorbance can also be converted into concentration or reaction rate calculation by inputting a concentration factor.
Enzyme kinetic reaction rate calculation. Various map processing methods such as scaling, smoothing, filtering, peak and valley detection, and derivation are available for your choice;
5. DNA/protein measurement: mainly measure the absorbance at 260nm/280nm/230nm/320nm, and obtain the concentration and ratio of DNA and protein according to the calculation formula.
6. Multi-wavelength measurement: You can set up to 30 wavelength points to measure the absorbance or transmittance of the sample solution.
7. Subsidiary functions: deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp accumulative time, deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp independent turn off and on, ultraviolet and visible light switching wavelength point selection, operating language selection (Chinese, English), wavelength automatic calibration.

Product parameter

Model NU-T5
Optical system Self-aligned; 1200 lines/mm imported holographic grating
Wavelength range 1901100nm
Spectral bandwidth 4nm
Wavelength accuracy ±0.5nm
Wavelength repeatability ±0.2nm
Transmittance accuracy ±0.5%T
Repeatability of transmittance ±0.1%T
Stray light 0.05%T
Noise 0% line noise: 0.1%; 100 line noise: 0.15%
Drift ±0.0015Abs
Baseline flatness ±0.0015Abs
Luminosity range 0200T, -0.3013A, 09999C(0-9999F)
Test mode Absorbance, transmittance, energy
Light source Tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp
Monitor 4.3 inch 56K capacitive touch screen
Data output USB, U Disk
Power range AC90250V/ 5060Hz
Size L×W×H)mm 460×310×180
Weight 12kg
Note: PC application software is optional to realize more data analysis and processing

Standard&Optional accessories


1 set

Power cord


Packing List

1 serving


1 serving

1cm4 slot manual cuvette holder

1 piece

1cm standard glass cuvette

1 box (four)

1cm standard quartz cuvette

1 box (two)

Dust cover

1 piece

Host instruction manual

1 copy

U Disk (installed with advanced computer application software) 1 piece
USB data communication line 1
Dongle 1 piece
Software User Manual 1 copy

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