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Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

  • kjeldahl protein analyzer

    kjeldahl protein analyzer



    9840 Auto Distiller uses the global Kjeldahl method to determine the nitrogen content of samples. The fully intelligent software design enables the sample distillation to be completed within a few minutes. The distillation and condensation automatic cleaning system further improves the measurement accuracy. It is widely used in the detection of nitrogen or protein content in food processing, feed production, tobacco, animal husbandry, soil fertility, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, scientific research, teaching, quality control and other fields. It can also be used for ammonium, volatile fatty acid/alkali And so on.

  • Full Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

    Full Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer



  • Disitllation Kjeldahl Nitrogen analyzer

    Disitllation Kjeldahl Nitrogen analyzer



    This Disitllation Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is suitable for rapid detection of protein content and nitrogenous compounds in food, feed, grain, soil, meat, etc.

  • Digital Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

    Digital Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer



    1. Using microcomputer to control the process
    2. Automatically control distillation, water addition, water level control, and water cut
    3. Various safety protections: digestive system safety devices, steam generators
    Water shortage alarm, water level detection fault alarm
    4. The instrument shell is made of special sprayed steel; the work area is adopted
    ABS anti-corrosion board. Avoid chemical corrosion and mechanical surfaces
    Corrosion resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance.
    5. Once a fault is detected, the control system will automatically power off
    6. Using tap water source, wide adaptability and low test requirements.

  • Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen analyzer

    Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen analyzer



    Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer is a special instrument for detecting nitrogen content in agricultural and sideline products such as seeds, dairy products, beverages, feed, and soil. The nitrogen analyzer is an instrument that calculates the protein content by measuring the nitrogen content in the sample based on the principle that the nitrogen content in the protein does not change. Because the method of measuring and calculating protein content is called Kelvin nitrogen determination method, it is called Kelvin nitrogen analyzer, also known as protein analyzer and crude protein analyzer. The instrument is also widely used in food plants, drinking water plants, drug inspection, fertilizer determination, etc.

  • Auto Kjedahl Nitrogen Analyzer

    Auto Kjedahl Nitrogen Analyzer



    Nitrogen Analyzer(Protein testing machine) is the perfessional equipment for testing protein content and nitrogenous compounds in nature.It widely used for testing and analysising protein content in Food,Milk product,herding,Meat,Agricultural product,Drink,Beer,Medicine,Healthcare product,Feed and nitrogenous compounds analysis of Agriculture,Environment protection,CDC,R&D institution,Universities & Colleges,Chemical,chemical fertilizer and so on. NK9830 Auto Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer is a sample seperated instrument which used Kjeldahl method,it has advantage of auto add liquid,auto distill and seperate sample,auto collect sample,auto stop distilling,the seperated method meet international level.

  • 8 Holes Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

    8 Holes Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer



    Protein analyzers are also known as crude protein analyzers, nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium analyzers. This instrument is a necessary inspection equipment for QS and HACCP certification of food factories and drinking water factories.