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Auto Kjedahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Auto Kjedahl Nitrogen Analyzer

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Nitrogen Analyzer(Protein testing machine) is the perfessional equipment for testing protein content and nitrogenous compounds in nature.It widely used for testing and analysising protein content in Food,Milk product,herding,Meat,Agricultural product,Drink,Beer,Medicine,Healthcare product,Feed and nitrogenous compounds analysis of Agriculture,Environment protection,CDC,R&D institution,Universities & Colleges,Chemical,chemical fertilizer and so on. NK9830 Auto Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer is a sample seperated instrument which used Kjeldahl method,it has advantage of auto add liquid,auto distill and seperate sample,auto collect sample,auto stop distilling,the seperated method meet international level.

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The organic compound is heated with these sulfuric acids to convert the nitrogen in the sulfuric acid into ammonium sulfate. In the middle, potassium sulfide is often added to the mixture to increase the boiling point of the intermediate product. It will become colorless and transparent (it is dark at the beginning). Add a small amount of sodium salt to the resulting solution and stir. ) Will be determined by back titration: the reaction of the cathode tube will interact with the solution in six acids. The result can be obtained by transforming the cause.

Performance Characteristics

1.Manual/auto double-mode switch and automatically adding quantitative alkali liquor and boric acid absorbent solution.
2.10 experimental procedures can be stored to meet users’ different requirements. Distillation time can be set at will. After distillation completion, it will give an alarm automatically.
3.Automatic cleaning system realizes intelligent pipeline cleaning function which make measuring accuracy higher.
4.Perfect safety protection system can measure and protect over-temperature and over pressure of distiller and pipeline.
5. Intelligent design of facilities around Kjedahl Apparatus contains safety protection design and non-existence prompt function.
6.  Intelligent cooling water control system can control and inspect cooling water
7. Emergency stop operating function for emergency
8.  Automatic inspection of failures and intelligent audible and visual alarm system

System Introduction

 Measuring range  0-200mgN
  Recovery ratio  ≥99.5%
  Repeatability precision  ±0.5%
  Weight of measured samples  solid<6g    liquid<16ml
  Distillation speed  5-8min/sample
  Distillation time  set it at will
  Cooling water consumption  1.5~3L/min
  Operation mode  auto/manual dual mode
  Sample seperation time  2~4min
  Display mode  6 inches LCD
  Automatic control on adding alkali and boric acid, dilution and elution
  Power supply  AC 220V/50Hz
  Heating power  2000W
 Digestion pipe waste liquid discharge  Manual
 Dimension  390x350x680mm

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