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Biological Drying vacuum oven

Biological Drying vacuum oven

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Vacuum oven is designed specially for drying of material which is thermo-sensitive or decompounded and oxidative easily, it can be filled with inert gases, which is especially for a rapid drying of some compound material, widely applied in pharmaceuticals, electronics industry and chemical industry.

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1.digital display microprocessor temperature controller and timing function ensures a precise and reliable temperature control
2.cuboid chamber maximizes the effective cubage
3.dual-layer-bullet-proof toughened glass door ensures absolutely clear observation on objects in chamber
4.Shutting extent of oven door ifs adjustable, closed-cell silicon gasket ensures a high vacuum degree in oven
5.The chamber is made of stainless steel(or wire-drawing sheet), which allows a durable service
6.“D” series vacuum oven are multiple sections (up to 10 sections) intelligent programmable LCD controller
7.“LC”series vacuum oven are vacuum degree LCD screen controller.

Technical parameters

Model NBD-6210
Voltage 220v 50HZ
Power 2200w
Temp. range +10-250
Temp.resolution 0.1
Constant volatility ±1
Vacuum degree 133Pa
Working temp. 5-40
Inner dimension 560*600*640
Size(mm) 720*805*1680
Shelves 3pcs
Working chamber 
Stainless steel
Timing 1-9999minutes

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