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Benchtop Rotational Viscometer

Benchtop Rotational Viscometer

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The instrument adopts advanced mechanical design technologies, manufacturing techniques, and microcomputer controlling techniques, so it can collect data accurately. It uses background light, ultra-brighten LCD, so it can show test data clearly. It has a special printing port, so it can print out test data through a printer.

The instrument has characteristics of high measurement sensitivity, reliable measurement data, convenience, and good looking. It can be used to determine absolute viscosity of Newtonian liquids and apparent viscosity of Non-Newtonian liquids. It has been widely used to determine viscosity of oil greases, paints, plastic materials, pharmaceuticals, coating materials, adhesives, washing solvents, and other fluids.

Product Detail

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Main technical specifications

1. Measurement range: 10 mPa•s~2000000 mPa•s
2. Spindle: No.1~No.4, total four spindles
3. Rotation speed: 0.3 RPM, 0.6 RPM, 1.5 RPM, 3 RPM, 6 RPM,
12 RPM, 30 RPM, and 60 RPM, 8 grades in total
4. Temperature range: 0~200℃.
5. Measuring accuracy: ±1% (F•S)
6. Power supply: AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz±10%
7. Ambient temperature: 5 ℃~35 ℃
8. Relative humidity: ≤80%

Optional accessories

1. HWY-10 Circulatory water bath
2. Special double-layer sample cup
3. No.0 spindle(low viscosity adapter)
4.Small sample adaptor
I,NDJ-8S Rotational Viscometer Accessories and Documents List

Product parameter

No. Name of components Unit Qty Remarks
1 Main unit of NDJ-8S rotational viscometer Set 1  
2 No.1~No. 4 spindle Piece 1 for each  
3 Protection cover Piece 1  
4 Stand column Piece 1  
5 Pedestal(including two pieces of level adjustment bolts) Pair 1  
6 Spindle protection holder Piece 1  
7 Power supply adapter Piece 1  
8 Printer(including connecting cable and power line) Set 1 Optional
9 Aluminum alloy case (including instrument head, spindle, spindle protection holder,etc) Piece 1  

Optional parts

(1) HWY-10 Circulation Constant Temperature Water Bath          1 set
(2) Special double-layer sample cup                                             as customer’s need
(3) No.0 spindle(low viscosity adapter)
(4) Small sample adapter
(5) Printer

Technical documents

(1) Operation Manual                                   1 piece
(2) Quality Certificate                                   1 piece
(3) Repair Guarantee                                    1 piece

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