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YD-1 Tablet hardness tester

YD-1 Tablet hardness tester

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Tablet hardness tester is used to determine the crush hardness of tablets.

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Main features

① The high-precision pressure sensor ensures the accuracy and reproducibility of the test.
② Manual loading and manual compression, easy to operate.
③ The system can realize automatic display, automatic lock, automatic reset, automatic cycle test, automatic linear error correction and automatic fault diagnosis.
④ Provide unit conversion function, which can realize conversion before or after test.
⑤ The user can use standard weights to periodically calibrate the measurement accuracy of the instrument, which is very convenient.

Technical indexes

Model YD-1
Hardness range 2-294N / 0.2KG-30KG
Resolution 0.1N / 0.01Kg
Hardness measurement accuracy range: ±0.5%
Tablet measurement diameter (230)mm
Repeated measurement error ±1%
Number of testing tablets in each group ≤100 tablets
Measuring unit


Newton (N)

Kilogram force(Kgf) (1Kgf=9.81N)

Overall dimensions L*W*H 280*180*110mm
Power 220V/ 50Hz/ 10W or 110V/ 60Hz/ 10W

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