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Tablet clarify tester

Tablet clarify tester

Short Description:


Model:CM series


It tests clarify of injection and bottled medicine liquid.

Applicable standards:

National standard( Chinese codex ) /2010

Health department standard WB-362 (B-121)-91

Corporate standard(Clarify tester )Q/12XQ0193-2010


Product Detail

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product Features

★ The three-primary-color fluorescent lamp is controlled by good lighting sensor, electronic inductor and shading.
★ Flash eliminated. Illumination is adjustable.
★ Time and alarm automatically. Test continuously.
★ Used by one person.

Product Specifications

Lamp three-primary color fluorescent lamp color fluorescent lamp
Illumination range 1000~4000LUX 1000~4000LUX
Time range 1~99s 1~99s
Power 220V/ 50Hz/ 30W 220V/ 50Hz/ 50W
Dimension 660*180*500mm 660*380*500mm

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