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COD-100R Benchtop COD Analyzer

COD-100R Benchtop COD Analyzer

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COD-100R Benchtop COD Analyzer


* 21 samples at a time.

* Settable heating temperature between 100-160 ℃.

* Settable heating time between 0-120 min.

* Transparent plastic protection shield is equipped to protect the operator.


Model COD-100R
Measuring Unit temperature 100-160 ℃
time  0-120 min
General Power Supply AC Adapter, 200-240 V AC input
Dimension (mm)& Weight (kg) 330×228×132, 4



Standard pH

buffer solutions

(pH value at 25℃)4.01250mL7.00250mL10.01250mL4.0130 sachets 20 mL7.0030 sachets 20 mL10.0130 sachets 20 mLStandard pH, NISTpH buffer sachets 4.01/7.00/10.01Each bag of powder can be prepared into 250ml standard solution. (3×5)Conductivity standards111.3ms/cm250mL12.88ms/cm250mL12.85ms/cm250mL1413μs/cm250mL1408μs/cm250mL146.5μs/cm250mL84μs/cm250mL12.85ms/cm30 sachets 20 mL1408μs/cm30 sachets 20 mL146.5μs/cm30 sachets 20 mLElectrolytes for reference electrodesKCI-solution 3 mol/L, AgCI saturated, for Ag/AgCl reference systems100ml(3 M KCl)250ml(3 M KCl)Powder(3 M KCl)

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